Anorak News | Euro Zoned Out: Euro Is Choice Of Cocaine

Euro Zoned Out: Euro Is Choice Of Cocaine

by | 13th, May 2007

THE Euro is the No. 1 choice in the cocaine industry. Users might prefer to use rolled up fivers, but the traffickers love the euro.

This from International Herald Tribune:

MADRID: The euro has become the currency of choice for Latin American cocaine traffickers as the drug’s popularity among Europeans has soared and the value of the currency against the dollar has risen, a top U.S. anti-narcotics official said Thursday.

Karen Tandy, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said that Europe’s appetite for drugs was increasingly being supplied from West Africa, which has emerged with alarming speed as a major shipping hub for cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs from all over the world…

“The euro has replaced the dollar in the Western Hemisphere as the currency of choice among these traffickers, which is an extraordinary shift,” she said. “As cocaine use has declined in the U.S. dramatically, in the European market it has risen.”

Has anyone told Pete Doherty?

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