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Unpaid Old Bills: Police Want Their Money

by | 14th, May 2007

THE Government has come under fire from police forces across the land for failing to cough up £7million owed to the nation’s law enforcers.

The Mirror reveals that police spent over £11.3million locking up prisoners to help ease overcrowding in the country’s jails, working almost 300,000 extra hours in guarding thousands of prisoners and even paying private security firms to take inmates.

However, so far, the new and rather Orwellian-sounding ‘Ministry of Justice’ has failed to pay up, angering the likes of the Metropolitan Police, who are apparently owed £2.7million and Greater Manchester Police who have received just £85,368 of its £576,173 bill.

Not surprisingly, the Police Federation have called the delays “unacceptable”.

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