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Don’t Panic: Pakistan Is Looking For Lost Nuclear Material

by | 14th, May 2007

pakistan-nuclear.jpgJUST say, for arguments sake, that while out and about in Pakistan you happened to stumple upon some nuclear material? What would you do? This is, of course, a hypothetical question and in no way, er, based on anything that could happen in so ordered a land, rioting permitting.

From Nature:

A Pakistani public information campaign about what to do if you stumble across stray radioactive material is raising hairs on the necks of Western arms control experts.The ads, which appeared last week in several Urdu-language newspapers, featured the large, yellow radiation symbol and a warning to report any lost or misplaced isotopes.

“As public education campaigns go, it’s unique,” says Jeffrey Lewis, director of nuclear strategy and nonproliferation at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC. Lewis says he was “shocked” to hear of the announcements.

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