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I’ll Be: Prince Edward Meets Arnold Schwazenegger

by | 15th, May 2007

edward-arnie-edinburgh.jpgPANIC over. Prince Edward is alive and as well as can be expected.

As the Sun reports Eddie the TWIT (The Weed in Tweed) has been to an awards do.

Eddie has been handing out medals to teenagers who have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Young Americans Challenge.

Details of the scheme are not given. But, as the official website tells us, the aim is for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award “to be universally recognised and widely adopted as the best programme for the personal development of young people”.

To those American tuning in, the scheme is not dissimilar to those boot camps peopled by renegade American children. One key difference is that in this British version the nippers do not have to be stoned, drunk or massively overweight. They remain an option but not compulsory.

Other than it is all about so much team building and bonding and learning to be a better person. And getting to meet Eddie.

A highlight indeed.

It’s not everyone who gets to see the elusive royal. And we are not shocked to see that Eddie’s presence has attracted Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie and Eddie look quite the team as they hand our awards in Calabasas, California.

There’s Arnie, who pretended to be soldier. And there’s Eddie, who… Well, let’s just say he joined up and failed to be back.

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