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Flash Katie: Middleton Prepares To Bare All

by | 16th, May 2007

middleton-flash.jpgWHO knew Kate Middleton would see the light and embrace her fame?

The Star (“QUEEN OF FLASHIN’…”) spots Prince William’s old flame out at jeweller’s Asprey for the launch of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s new book.

As the Star says, Middleton has done away with her frumpy tweeds and “loosened up her dress style”.

And it’s loose enough for the Star to see a bra poking out the top of her mini dress.

There is more. Middelton climbs into a waiting cab and executes the celebrity move du jour and shows the world a view of what lies up her skirt.

Readers have not seen the like since the Great Queen Victoria ankle flash of 1876. But we who dare to look realise that Kate’s Home County is encased in knickers, white ones.

No words appear on Kate’s private quarters. But the message is both loud and clear…

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