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Madeleine McCann: Watching Robert Murat

by | 16th, May 2007

robert-murat-madeleine.jpgMADELEINE McCann is missing. Still missing.

But now the police have a name. And, more importantly, so do the papers.

Robert Murat is all over the front pages. He is a suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann. But what of the evidence against him?

The Evidence

“Kidnapping has weird echoes of Soham case,” says the Express’s front page. “MADDY SUSPECT BEHAVED JUST LIKE HUNTLEY.”

Huntley is, of course, Ian Huntley the man who murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, crimes for which he is serving two life sentences. Huntley is the man who had a female accomplice, one Maxine Carr, given three-and-a-half years for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Is this what the Express means? Is Murat’s mother Jenny, who has been doing her bit to help the hunt for Madeleine, abetting her son’s crime? At his trial, it emerged that Huntley had been accused of having sex with underage girls and of rape several times in the past. Has Murat a history of criminal depravity?

One thing at a time. We would not want to jump the gun and hang Murat without a full investigation. Of Murat’s mother, the Express says he has advised her son not to return to the family home while he is under suspicion. We hear him tell her: “I am innocent. I am very upset and I think that Portuguese police are just trying to find and Englishman to blame.” But there is no suggestion she is involved in any crime. No-one has questioned her.


And of Murat’s warped sex? You mean “SEX SECRETS OF MADDY SUSPECT”. You mean the “kinky threesome with pool cleaner and wife”.

Star readers have every right to be appalled at such a front-page headline. It’s not as if the paper that carries adverts for sex phone lines (“Cheap and Dirty”; “Hot and Horny”; “Filthy 4 Free”; Unzip and Unload”) is used to such things.

Readers will be relieved to hear that the threesome is not so shocking. The Star says Murat has been the lover of German Michaela Wulczuch for over a year. And during that time, Wulczuch has been living with her husband, Luis Antonio, a Portuguese swimming pool cleaner.

Readers looking for tales of illicit and degenerate sex may be less than impressed. And we advise them to watch daytime telly and see Armani identify her baby’s father by way of Jeremy Kyle’s DNA test kit and affairs exposed by lie detector.

This is Murat’s “TANGLED LOVE LIFE” (Mirror). All points of this love triangle have been questioned by police. We are not told why, nor what form the questions took.

Murat. Wulczuch. Antonio. This makes one woman and two men, the outline of the people seen with a child at a service station on the road out of Praia da Luz. Walczuch has light, auburn hair.

Is this the evidence? Is this a why they have been questioned?

Jekyll and Hyde

“SUSPECT OR SCAPEGOAT?” asks the Mail. “I’ve been made a scapegoat,” says Murat. The Mail says Murat is the sole suspect in the case of Madeleine McCann. So much for Walczuch and Antonio.

“It’s ruined my life,” says Murat. “It’s made things very difficult for my family here and in Britain. The only way I’ll survive this is if they catch Madeleine’s abductor.”

But the talking has started. This is Murat, of whom Paul Titcombe, an ex-boss speaks. Titcombe is troubled by Murat’s past. He has seen Murat in action, at children’s parties. Says she: “Instead of mingling, he’d go straight to the bouncy castle and jump around. He got a bit of a name for himself. It seemed like a fixation.”

The Sun hears from Murat’s former work colleague Ji Stanton. Says he: “If he didn’t take his medication, he could be very Jekyll and Hyde. People did see him as creepy.” Ji once accused Murat of trying to nick his sale: “Rob just flipped out in seconds. He went berserk, eyes bulging. I was freaked out.”

Such is the evidence. Such is the case against Robert Murat.

Meanwhile, Madeleine McCann is missing…

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat And More Questions

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