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Oranges And Lemons: The OK! Party

by | 16th, May 2007

jade-goody.jpgTHE OK! party is in full swing. As ever this year’s theme is Oranges and Lemons.

On the front of the magazine are three Oranges: Danielle Lloyd, Jade Goody and the pumpkin-chested Jordan.


“STATUS QUO WERE JUST ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS AT OUR STAR-STUDDED BASH TO CELEBRATE OK!’S GLOBAL SUCCESS,” yells the headline over the band that never stop playing, often the same song.

Status Quo might not be everyone’s liking, any many had believed them to be doing less rolling these days and rocking out in, well, rocking chairs, but they do have their own instruments.

Also at the do are Cilla Black, Jeremy Beadle, Esther Rantzen, two former members of Bucks Fizz and Big Brother’s Nikki Graeme, Mikey Dalton and Grace Adams-short.

And OK!’s owner Mr Richard Desmond. He delivers what OK! can only describe as “an inspirational speech”. And the floor is cleared for Katie Andre.

She’s having a great time. “I wish I cold stay all night but I’m pregnant and I want to get back to Pete,” says she.

Nine o’clock. The witching hour.

nikki-grahame.jpgAnd here some a couple of witches, sorry, celebrities. It’s Danielle Lloyd. “It’s been really hard for me recently, breaking up from Teddy and the fall-out from the show” and…

To save Danielle any further pain, we will end it there and… “People say I’m sleeping with this guy or that guy, but…” Ok, Danielle. It’s fine. “I’m having a birthday party this…” Moving on… “And a detox…”

It’s Nikkkkkkkki Grahame, the boil-washed Vanessa Feltz from last season’s Big Brother. Is she with her lover Guy Mesigan? No. He’s a “f*cking bastard”, says Nikkkkkkkkkkkki. He was a “total limelight chaser”.

And here is Vanessa Feltz’s partner, Ben Ofeodu, to tell us how he wants the pictures of his wedding to look really great, packed with “a lot of sincerity”. And what is OK! but sincere?

And – look out! – it’s Jade Goody? She’s standing alongside her lover Jack Tweed. One of the Lemons…

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