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Bass Relief: Catching Up With Big Brother’s Michelle

by | 16th, May 2007

michelle_bass.gifWHO knew that when Michelle Bass entered the Big Brother house she would go on to dye her hair an orangey yellow?

Back then celebrity for Michelle was so much dreaming. But now Michelle is a glamour mo-del and earning what OK! optimistically calls “a decent living”.

Michelle has just run the London Marathon. She says her knee “went” at 16 miles so she walked. Then her hip stated hurting. So she limped. Then the elastic in her knickers snapped and she smiled for the cameras.

“I had to sit on the grass and my leg seized up,” says Michelle. “So four ambulance men came over with their wheelie trolley and put an ice pack on my knee.”

And this is how Michelle came to win the disabled race? No. But she did finish, which is more than her Big Bother agonist Kinga managed.

And that is not all. Michelle was in a film, with Carmen Electra. “I thought she wouldn’t want to speak to me, so I just stared at her until she did,” says Bass. “In the end she asked me what Marks & Spencer is and we talked about it for a couple of minutes.”

Oh… “Knickers,” says Bass. And bras, perhaps? Michelle has a well-filled bra, it being inflated from a C to a DD. “You know what,” says she, “I got my boob job and I’ve not looked back since I got them done.”

Can’t turn for the sore knees, right? And the strain on the vertebrae of having two airbags strapped to your chest?

And being in love. Michelle is with a therapist called Steve. “We’ve been together for three months. But you know what, it feels longer,” says Michelle candidly.

But she’ll make a go of it.

We learn that Steve was Michelle’s therapist. They met on a night out.

“He has his own practice and he put you in a hypnotic state and unravels things in your mind that you didn’t know were there.”


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