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The Perverted Web: Spiderman And Mary Jane’s Pearl Necklace

by | 16th, May 2007

mary-jane.jpgTHERE could be a lot more than just a Spider-sense tingling when prepubescent boys get a load of Marvel comic’s latest figurine of Peter Parker’s wife Mary Jane.

The 14-ins action comiquette depicts a barefooted MJ bending over a tub scrubbing Spidey’s outfit to reveal an ample set of cleavage and a pink thong sticking out of her jeans. She’s even wearing a pearl necklace, geddit?

Needless to say, an army of comic fans are complaining loudly across the Interweb.

When Fangirls Attack, a blog dedicated to women in comics, has collated hundreds of MJ-inspired posts in the past week.

“She’s barefoot… in the kitchen… with her tits and thong hanging out… a pearl necklace on… while she washes Spidey’s costume in a bucket,” wrote one blogger. “Yep, we’ve come a long way. She would’ve had to wear a skirt to do this twenty years ago.”

super-slut.jpegBlogger Logansrogue digitally altered the figurine image to show how Spidey would look in Mary Jane’s “take me from behind” pose.

And a blogger who sent a letter of complaint to Sideshow Collectibles received the following reply:

“Our product is not produced to make a political or social statement but is fashioned after entertainment properties currently in the market place. We suggest that if you do find the Mary Jane product offensive that you refrain from viewing that web page.”

In other words: Take a hike. Besides, the figure has already sold out, which totally baffles at least one male comic fan:

“I’m a hetersexual dude who owns stacks of actual porn. And megs of virtual porn. Who even pays a monthly fee for yet more porn. And I can’t wrap my head around the people who buy these statues. I can barely comprehend buying the TASTEFUL ones. The ones that don’t earn you shameful glances from your mom. These statues cost anywhere from a hundred to five hundred dollars. And the most popular ones seem to be those like the MJ one…or the White Queen one or the travesty of a Big Barda one (where they make her a bikini clad sex kitten, rather than one of the most powerful bad-asses in the DC ‘verse)…

“I mean the statues aren’t even GOOD porn! Do you know how much girl-on-girl smut I could get for the cost of one these things? I don’t know either, but I bet its a lot…”

Just wait until he gets a look at the new Supergirl figure from DC.

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