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Not Pushing Lindsay Lohan

by | 16th, May 2007

LINDSAY Lonhan (if she were British she’d be Phil Mitchell’s sister in EastEnders) has bene pictured, apparently, breaking the law. Her mother speaks:

US Weekly: How is Lindsay holding up with the tape circulating?

Dina Lohan: “We’re not reading anything about it. You can’t let it bother you. We work so hard, then some girl just tried to make money off her [for that tape]. Lindsay doesn’t even know who her friends are.”

US: Do you think Lindsay is at the clubs too much?

DL: “This [premieres and parties] is the fun part of the business. She’ll be 21 in a few months. Regardless, of course, as a parents, you set boundaries and scold them. But there are these dark stories – she is so misunderstood. All she wants to do is act and have a somewhat normal life. When you’re 20, it’s normal to want to go to The Ivy, to go to the hot stores, She can’t live in a bubble.”

US: Do you ever worry that she’s pushing herself too hard?

DL: “When she doesn’t work, she’s so bored. I’ve told her, ‘Please slow down. Stop!’ She’s growing up and learning to do that. … I’m her mother first: Everything could go away, and I couldn’t care less.”

What a lovely relationship…

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