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Tally-Ban! Prince Harry’s Not Going To Iraq

by | 16th, May 2007

HOW close we came to winning the war in Iraq. Prince Harry wasn’t even going to fight. His presence in Iraq would trigger the Army to don red wigs. The enemy would see ‘Harry’, come charging at him from their fox holes and be slaughtered.

Anorak obtained details of the cunning plan. Read them here: Prince Harry Leads The Ronald McDonald Army To Victory in Iraq.

But now this:

Prince Harry will not be sent to Iraq, the head of the British Army has said.

General Sir Richard Dannatt said the prince’s deployment would pose an “unacceptable” threat to him and the men who served alongside him.

It had been reported that militant groups had planned to kill or kidnap the young royal.

Clarence House said Prince Harry was “very disappointed” but will not be leaving the Army as a result…

A Clarence House statement said: “Prince Harry is very disappointed that he will not be able to go to Iraq with his troop on this deployment as he had hoped.

“He fully understands and accepts General Dannatt’s difficult decision and remains committed to his Army career.

“Prince Harry’s thoughts are with his troop and the rest of the battle group in Iraq.”

Asked if Harry would quit the Army as a result, a spokesman replied: “Absolutely not.”

Back to Plan A – remind me what that is again…

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