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Madeleine McCann: Sergey Malinka And Robert Murat

by | 17th, May 2007

malinka.jpgMADELEINE McCann is still missing. And readers are introduced to Sergey Malinka.

In “RUSSIAN WEB GEEK QUIZZED”, the Mirror looks beyond Robert Murat and sees 22-year-old Malinka. His parents’ flat is two minutes walk from where Madeleine was stolen.

Malinka knows Murat, having helped him to set up a website. Malinka has a computer shop in the area. Setting up websites is what he does for a living.

The Mirror sees computer equipment being removed by police from the Malinka apartment. There is mention made of emails on his laptop from Murat, the “one-eyed Briton”.

Is this now a story that embraces paedophilia and the internet? Is this what the Mirror is hinting at?

Says Malinka: “It’s definitely not me. I’ve just had my residency papers approved and checks are always made for criminal convictions. I’ve none whatsoever. I did do some work for Robert. He wanted a website created and I got it together.”

But the Sun hears Portuguese TV report that Malinka has convictions for “sex crimes.” Does he have any criminal convictions? “Not as far as I know,” says Moscow-born Malinka.

And the Express sees more. It hears reports that “several links to paedophile sites, encrypted emails and messages” were found on three computers removed by police from Murat’s home. It hears of removed tapes featuring “depraved sexual acts” and bestiality.

And there‘s a cellar beneath Murat’s home. Or a “secret chamber”, as the Mirror has it. The Sun says this “void” measures nine yard by five yards. “I’m totally, totally innocent,” says Murat.

At Murat’s home, police are tearing down a garden shed. Police are searching a water tank. Police are demolishing an interior wall. From operating in secret, the Portuguese police are now making a lot of noise.

People are being questioned. This faces are being seen. Lives are being investigated.

And Madeleine McCann is still missing…

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