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Prince Harry Should Pay Us Back

by | 17th, May 2007

HAVING spent years trying to convince the plebs they are just like the rest of us, the Royal Family are revealed as being something else. Prince Harry is not going to Iraq.

The Mirror talks of furious families of British soldiers serving in Iraq slamming the decision.

Sue Smith – whose son Phillip Hewitt, 21, was killed by a roadside bomb in 2005 – said: “Phil was my prince, and he had to go.”

And Reg Keys, who lost his son Tom, 20, summed up the families’ distaste when he said: “It makes Harry’s life seem more important than those of our children.”

The simple answer is Yes. It is.

More of the same in the the Telegraph:

Pauline Hickey, the mother of Sgt Christian Hickey who died in Iraq, said she was pleased Harry was not going but said: “Instead of debating whether or not Harry should be sent, we should be demanding all our troops come home without further loss of lives.”

In “Sense finally triumphs”, the Telegraph’s leader says:

The Army in Iraq faces a grim enough task without this additional element of scalp-hunting. And it is not only the Prince who would have been subjected to the additional risk.

And over in the Guardian, there’s another reason why Harry’s not going – the influence of the media:

The army’s chief of staff, Sir Richard Dannatt [full text here], made clear today that the media had played a part in his decision to prevent Prince Harry’s deployment in Iraq.

Without pointing the finger at any particular outlets, Sir Richard indicated that he believed the coverage of Harry’s impending tour of duty had aggravated the security risks involved. “I have to add that a contributing factor to this increase in threats to Prince Harry has been the widespread knowledge and discussion of his deployment,” Sir Richard said.

Anorak, of course, knew that Harry would go to Iraq and win the war with his Ginger Army.

But now that Harry isn’t going, Anorak reader Neil Jackson makes an interesting and vociferous point:

Right then, carrot top. Get your arse over here and listen to what’s happening. For starters, get your kit over to the CQMS when he opens shop. Then, get your cheque-book out and pay back all the wages you’ve received from the British tax-payer, you snivveling little shit.

Well, if Harry wants to play at soldiers, he can buy an outfit and go paint balling like the rest of us…

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