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Big Brother 8 Contestants Revealed

by | 18th, May 2007

preparation-h.jpgTHIS season’s Big Brother will feature a gay couple.

Stephen Ireland and James Joell will appear in the show and maybe even get married.

Not that the happy couple will be the only gays in the house as the Star says half this year’s housemates are either homosexual or bisexual. Yes, only half. It’s all change in the house.

But it is Ireland and Joell who capture the minds. A source tells us: “They’re both naturally funny and are desperate to break the gay stereotype.”

A picture of both men in the Star reveals them well on their way to achieving their goal. Neither men fit the Big Brother gay mould. They are not so much buffed as sand blasted. Less six pack than beer bellied.

We have not seen as many love handles since the time Old Mr Anorak took us on a fact finding mission behind the doors of his Bangkok ping-pong camp.

Stephen Ireland and James Joell will break the big Brother gay mould – into very small pieces…

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