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The Guardian And MI6

by | 18th, May 2007

THE Guardian says that it is to start taking adverts to join the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

As MI6’s head of recruitment tells the paper: “The same kind of people who are thinking about joining NGOs [non-governmental organisations] will come to us. People with a mix of experience.”

The paper tells us that just 5% of MI6’s staff are from ethnic minorities. And then introduces us to ‘Hussein’, a Briton in his mid-30s of Pakistani descent.

He said that given the state of the world and the issues facing Britain, he felt “some obligation” to put himself forward. The advantage for MI6 was a committed man who knew the languages of the sub-continent and who had a background that would give him special access to people and a part of the world currently preoccupying the government. Hussein is now improving his Arabic.

And start to wonder if such a thing could impact on editorial policy. And why MI6 isn’t advertising in the Mail?

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