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Madeleine McCann: Introducing Amelie And The Maddie Catty

by | 19th, May 2007

missing-madeleine-mccann-poster.gifWITH Madeleine McCann missing – still missing – the papers discover a new angle of investigation: her sister.

“MADDIE COME HOME,” says the Sun’s headline. “Tot hugs Maddie’s cuddle cat.” And there is Amelie McCann holding on to her sister’s comforter.

What purpose this serves, Anorak is unsure. We have tired of looking at the faces of Madeleine McCann’s parents but are we so desperate for a new face in the narrative that we need Amelie? No new suspect. No arrests. No sign of Madeleine. So here’s Amelie. She can keep the story alive, justify its place on the front pages?

While readers wonder why it’s newsworthy to publish a picture of Madeleine McCann’s little sister, while the faces of media shy David Beckham and his tick-like wife’s children are pixelated to preserve their privacy, the Mirror spots Amalie.

More Amelie on the Mirror’s front page. “A cuddle from her little sis,” reads the headline above the shot of Amelia hugging Madeleine’s toy. And on the Express’s front page, more Amelie. And on the Mail’s.

Is this a cynical manipulation of the news? It tugs the heart strings. It cannot fail to. But for what ends? To make us feel more a part of a story turned into public spectacle? Can it be too long before the Mirror is offering readers a chance to buy the “Maddie Cattie”, replica cuddle cloths, with a percentage of profits going to establish a fighting fund?

“Little Amelie McCann clutches her big sister Madeleine’s favourite “Cuddle Cat” soft toy yesterday — and wishes the missing tot was back with her,” says the Sun’s reporter in Praia da Luz.

Touching stuff. Or just creepy

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