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Find Madeleine McCann: Bring Madeleine Home

by | 19th, May 2007

SICK web hijackers cash in on Madeleine,” says the Mail’s front-page headline.

“The desperate search for Madeleine McCann has been hijacked by conmen cashing in on her family’s heartache,” says the paper.

Are these conmen asking for donations for the fighting fund and then pocketing the cash? No.

The Mail sees that websites utilising the name Madeleine McCann have been created. The official Madeline McCann website has received 70million visits, says the paper.

And these other websites – unofficial and unendorsed by Madeleine’s family – have been created to attract unwary web users and earn the owners money via advertising.

The official sites can be found at: or

And not at or, both of which have pictures of Madeleine, appeals for help in finding her and no advertising.

How did the Mail stumble upon these bogus sights? A search for Madeleine McCann on Google does not give them up easily. All we get is a link to the official site.

The Mail may well not be the official Madeleine McCann newspaper and website – even if news of the missing girl sells papers and keeps its advertisers happy – but it is not unofficial.

Not officially.

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