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City Bends To Flexible Working Hours: Home Office Free iPods

by | 22nd, May 2007

ipodkennedy.jpgTHE high-pressure world of the City is finally grasping the concept of work-life balance. (Pic: Bo Beau D’Or)

According to a new report by the campaign group Working Families, more and more City firms are allowing their senior managers to benefit from flexible working patterns.

Focusing on 23 senior managers at some of the City’s top companies, including Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, the study found that a policy which encourages job-sharing, three-day weeks and working from home will benefit the employer by boosting enthusiasm, loyalty and effectiveness in the staff.

However, the report also warns that a suspicious attitude to flexible working hours still remains in many of the top organisations.

Author of the report Pam Walton says: “Organisations are beginning to accept that in many of these jobs it is outputs that matter; where and how you do it should not be the issue.”

Then again, if City firms thought they could make even more money by allowing their staff to be naked and work up a tree, they’d do it.

In another management incentive, the Home Office have given twenty of their top civil servants iPods on which lessons in leadership have been downloaded. Total cost – £8,800.

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