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Getting Shopped Online At Work

by | 22nd, May 2007

WHERE would we be without the internet?

Well, probably still here, although not reading this, obviously.

Instead we’d be far more bored, twiddling our thumbs and firing rubber bands at the geek across the desk from us. Yet, let’s be honest, we would be far more productive at work,…and richer.

According to a survey by, office workers are spending more than eight working hours a month shopping online – the average every employee spends £15 per month online during the working day.

Why do workers feel the need to splash their cash online? The number one reason given was that it makes work more fun. Other reasons submitted include – buying presents for your office lover, wasting time in the office and stopping family members from keeping tracks of your purchases. Office lovers? Hiding things from our families? What a seedy nation we are.

The Sun quotes “office worker and online shopaholic” James McShaw. Says he: “I order from online stores at least once a week when I’m meant to be working and get it delivered to my office for convenience. The only problem is that I don’t seem to take a lot of it home, especially as my girlfriend would go nuts if she knew how much I was buying.”

Well she’ll be going nuts now James. If she reads the Sun, that is.

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