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HIP HIP Hooray: Home Information Packs On Hold

by | 23rd, May 2007

THE monumental disaster that is the Government’s ill-conceived Home Information Pack scheme was thrown into even more disarray yesterday after the Government’s Minister for Opus Dei, Ruth Kelly, performed an embarrassing climbdown and put the whole scheme on hold.

The controversial sellers’ packs, which include all kinds of property details and an energy-efficiency rating, will still be introduced, although two months late and only for houses with four or more bedrooms.

Critics have now warned that wily estate agents and house sellers could try to escape the £300-£600 cost of a HIP by categorising their fourth bedroom as a study or a boxroom or maybe even a transcendental meditation space, thus adding more chaos to the situation.

Kelly blamed a lack of accredited inspectors needed to carry out the energy performance certificates despite the fact that only last week her deputy, Yvette Cooper, dismissed criticism that there wouldn’t be enough snoops.

So where does that leave all those home sellers who rushed through sales in order to dodge paying for a HIP?

But on a brighter note, journalists and sub-editors appreciate the opportunity for some easy puns.

No details, as yet, have been released on whether or not there will be a HIP replacement…

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