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A Group Of Gangs And Other Collectives

by | 23rd, May 2007

gangs.jpgAS Arsenal fans know, whereas their old ground at Highbury was a library, the new Gunners’ new Emirates Stadium is an adult learning centre.

The language changes. And we learn via the Mail that ‘gangs’ are to be replaced by ‘groups’. Gang crime should now be labelled “group-related” misdemeanour.
The Youth Justice Board busies itself with such things, its bejewelled ear pressed to the street.

It has penned a report. It says: “Many young people interviewed for this study resented the way in which the term has come to be used to describe any group of young people involved in anti-social behaviour…

“In fact the label conjured up an image with which they might not want to be associated, even where they were involved in offending.”

Victims of such gangs, or passive respondent experiencers, as they are now known, are believed to dislike the term ‘gangs’, preferring the terms “little bastards” “scumbags” and “c***s”.

But the accepted term is “group”, as in “group rape” ,” chain-group” “group land” and Group of four, the shadowy Social Democrats Massive who launched their new political party pledging to “reconcile the nation” and “heal divisions between classes”.

They really were scum…

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