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Studs (Studzinksi) Up For The Tate Modern

by | 23rd, May 2007

tate_modern.jpgTHE American-born London-based banker John ‘Studs’ Studzinski has given £5 million to the Tate Modern – the largest gift in the museum’s history.

Now the modern art mecca is appealing to other loaded City boys to cough up for its £215million extension with Paul Myners, the chairman of the Tate’s trustees, hoping that the growing “unequal distribution of wealth” in London would encourage the big City hitters to fund the modern art mecca’s new giant glass ‘Cubist’ extension.

But surely this “unequal distribution of wealth” would be better addressed by giving the money to the poor rather than to museums mainly frequented by the well-off?

Then again, multi-millionaire Myners is chairman of the Guardian Media Group and global property giant Land Securities, so he’s hardly in touch with the needs of the capital’s erm, non-millionaires.

As for ‘Studs’ Studzinski, the Telegraph describes him as a ‘colourful character’, which is usually code for something.

Still, the reportedly uber-Catholic philanthropist, who is famed for his extravagant parties at his Chelsea home, apparently often works in homeless shelters across the capital.

Colourful indeed. Grey even…

Studzinski’s fellow rich American, Democrat nominee hopeful John Edwards, is in hot water for charging a university £27,500 for a talk.

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