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11th Hour: Leonardo DiCaprio On Mother Nature’s Human Rights

by | 24th, May 2007

gore_leo0.jpgLEONARDO Di Caprio writes for the Sun.

In “This is our planet’s 11th hour,” Leonardo tells us how the sky is falling in.

Every age wants to believe it is at the fulcrum of history, and it our generation’s lot to talk about not being pioneers of invention and industry but planet killers. Or saviours.

So here’s Leonrdo DiCaprio to tell us about his interest in nature, first sparked by a documentary about rainforests. It was a “private passion”, he tells us. “Then, finally, I decided to become more active and outspoken about these issues, because ultimately nature has very few rights itself.”

Human Rights for Mother Nature

Did you get that? Mother Nature needs someone to champion her human rights. Mother Nature, the spiritual embodiment of the phenomenon of all life needs someone to speak out on her behalf. Sure, she has hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes and control of the weather, but does she have a Teen Choice Award? We think not.

So here’s Leonardo to stick up for Mother Nature and tell us about his solar panels and living his life in a “green manner”.

And how you can hear his words on a new film. Called 11th Hour, the show focuses minds on the perils of global warming.

Made with recycled plotlines and produced on a DVD you can plant and watch grow into a tree, the 11th Hour will cause cinema goers to sit up and wonder when DiCaprio is going to shoot some Earth murderer in the face, or drown.

Leo talks with Stephen Hawking and Mikhail Gorbachev. Says Leo: “When you hear them you know that you have to do something, because this issue is bigger than all of us.”

So what can we do? “Ultimately it’s about driving our governments and our corporations to infuse ecology into every day livings standards.”

But what if we think Mother Nature is not a powerless submissive? What if we think Mother Nature will out, despite mankind?

DiCaprio says he is a “concerned citizen”. He is “not an expert on the issue”. But “people want this to happen”. And: “Every country in the world should be aware of this movement.”

So while a Hollywood multi-millionaire jet about the world promoting his new green movie, and the people of Bolivia and Mauritania join the movement, we get on message.

“Around 90 to 95 per cent of the scientific community is in agreement on the cause of global warming,” says Leo. “So this film was about giving them a format in which they can tell the truth.”

The truth? Which is..? Well, you’ll just have to buy a ticket to see the show if you want to know what that is…

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