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Squatter Harry Hallowes Joins Hampstead Elite

by | 24th, May 2007

hallows1.jpgORGANIC Fairtrade beers were spat out in horror and copies of the New Statesman flung away in anger as news spread around the leafy streets of Hampstead that a homeless man – yes, a HOMELESS MAN – had moved in.

Seventy-year-old Harry Hallowes had been squatting on a secluded corner of Hampstead Heath – home to furry little animals like Bill Oddie and George Michael – for more than two decades.

But now, the Land Registry have decided to give Hallowes the title deeds to the 65ft by 13ft plot, thus marking the end of a three-year dispute between Hallowes and property developer Dwyer.

The developers had wanted to – surprise surprise – build luxury flats on the land but failed to evict the Heath-dweller at the court hearing, which instead ruled that as Hallowes had lived on the plot for 18 years, he was entitled to ownership of the land.

The delighted Hallowes tells us: “’I absolutely love it here. I’m delighted to get the title deeds. But I always expected to be given them. I didn’t expect any other outcome. I won’t be having a bird sanctuary or anything like that. Maybe I’ll build myself a house to live in, everybody else around here seems to love building houses.”

The plot is estimated to be worth around £2 million.

I’m off down to Regents Park to set up home. Ciao…
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