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Kenneth Eng’s Mental Examination: Why He Hates Blacks

by | 25th, May 2007

kennetheng.jpgREMEMBER Kenneth Eng, the Asian supremacist, stalker, aspiring novelist and general loudmouth, who claimed to have inspired Seung-Hui Cho’s Virginia Tech rampage?

Eng, 23, came to prominence after writing a series of racist columns for AsianWeek. He was eventually dropped by the newspaper after an an outcry over a screed entitled “Why I Hate Blacks.”

Eng tried to hog the limelight after the Virginia tech Massacre by telling the Village Voice that not only were his writings an inspiration for Cho, but that he would have gone on a similar rampage in New York if he had been able to afford a gun.

That claim spurred New York’s Finest to investigate Eng. The NYPD discovered that Eng had recently threatened to kill his neighbor Marissa Addison and her mother. He also threw a hammer at one of her dogs, narrowly missing Addison. So Eng was arrested for assault and menacing, possession of a weapon and harassment. He is currently undergoing mental examination.

If Eng is expecting to be out soon, he should be hoping that psychiatrists don’t see his resume and book proposal that somehow found its way into the hands of media blog Gawker:

Eng’s proposed book, under the working title “UNTITLED ASIAN CONTROVERSY PROJECT”, includes imaginative chapter headings such as “Why I Hate America”, “Why I Hate Whites”, “Why I Hate Italians”, and “Why I Hate Blacks 2”.

His synopsis of “Why I Hate Whites,” should give the men in white coats no doubt that Eng needs a room with squidgy walls.

“This will be a 30-page doctrine of documented evidence and a few anecdotes that delineates why white people, to put it bluntly, suck. Reasons include the fact that they are obsessed with conformity, their women are sluts, they are physically smaller than Asians, and they take abuse very easily. It will include anecdotes about my fistfights with white students at NYU.”

Eng is clearly deranged. Slutty white women are one of the the best attributes of the white race. And he clearly left a number of Whiteys’ biggest crimes against humanity off the list, such as turning lobster red in the sun and being addicted to beer.

Eng might be crazy but he is nobody’s fool. He realizes that after slagging off whites, blacks, Italians and people of every religion (he has a chapter “Why I Hate Religion”), his book may have a slight marketability problem. But Eng reassures the prospective publisher: “You may be thinking this is too controversial and will turn off all white and black audience members. Here are a few words to remember – CHINA. 1 BILLION PEOPLE. 60% ATHEIST.”

So there you have it: A little bit potty, but not completely insane.

Goodbye Kenneth C. Eng, novelist. And good luck with your publishing career in Beijing.

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