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Russell Brand Moulds Big Brother’s Imogen

by | 27th, May 2007

IMOGEN Thomas, Big Brother’s Miss Wales, has something to tell us.

And she’d best be quick. Bit Brother 8 starts next week and Imogen has but a few days to remind us of her continuing existence.

We join Imogen in bed with Big Brother host Russell Brand. Says Imogen: “I called him my Heineken lover—he helped me get to sexual peaks other fellas couldn’t reach.”

Having now delved into the bottom draw of our minds, we recall Imogen. She was indeed the housemate who did nothing. She barely spoke. She barely moved. If Brand is her Heineken lover, she’s is surely his mug of London tap in the last chance saloon.

“He is a sex machine,” say Imogen in the NOTW. “We had a fantastic time in bed. I remember one night we had sex for virtually 12 hours solid. I didn’t get a wink of sleep as he made love to me time and again.

“It was like tantric sex—the orgasm seemed to last forever. That’s how good Russell was.

“It’s the way he used his body—it wasn’t just thrusting but gentle touches and caresses and knowing what to do with his tongue.

Says Imogen: “He can turn a woman to jelly in bed.”

No, not into a quivering wreck. A jelly…

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