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Al Gore On Celebrity

by | 27th, May 2007

AL Gore is using his fame and celebrity to increase awareness on global warming. He made a film about it. An Inconventient Truth won two Oscars. Gore was once the vice president.

But Gore is not a celebrity. At least not one like those other celebrities. Gore ended his 2000 Presidential campaign in Florida. He was joined in Miami by celebrity supporters including actors Robert de Niro, Glenn Close, Ben Affleck and Stevie Wonder.

Says Al:

Former US vice president Al Gore on Friday criticized the “trivialities and nonsense” of celebrity gossip in the media and called on people to focus instead on issues like Iraq and climate change.

Gore, who is promoting his new book “The Assault on Reason,” made the comments at a book signing in New York, where he was treated to a rock star reception by more than 1,300 cheering and screaming fans.

“What is it about our collective decision-making process that has led us to this state of affairs where we spend much more time in the public forum talking about — or receiving information about — Britney Spears shaving her head or Paris Hilton going to jail?” Gore asked.

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