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Innocent Warren Blackwell Charged For Prison Bed And Board

by | 28th, May 2007

THERE are plenty of things you’d expect to have after three years wrongful imprisonment – an overpowering sense of injustice, a class A drug addiction and maybe a predilection for large men called ‘Tiny’.

But you would not expect a £7,000 bill for board and lodging?

But Warren Blackwell, the victim of an appalling miscarriage of justice, got exactly that.

The 37-year-old was originally banged up in 1999 for rape on the evidence of a woman who had a history of making false claims against innocent men. Blackwell was only cleared last year at the Appeal Court.

Now the innocent man is to be charged almost £7,000 for his prison sentence, which will be deducted from whatever compensation he receives.

The flummoxed Blackwell says: “I can’t believe it, they’ve got to be joking. They are going to charge me for my porridge! I’ve had a letter stating that they have accepted my claim for compensation, and that the actual amount is to be decided by an assessor. But they are going to deduct £6,800 for living expenses incurred during my three years and four months behind bars.”

Blackwell, not surprisingly, is considering an appeal. However, with the Lords upholding the principle of charging “bed and breakfast” last year, he may have to turn to the European Court Of Human Rights for any justice.

Although £7,000 for three years in a B&B? Sounds reasonable to me.

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