Anorak News | Gordon Brown Taxes Us £6.60 An Hour

Gordon Brown Taxes Us £6.60 An Hour

by | 28th, May 2007

gordon.pngFOR every hour that you worked last year, £6.60 (on average) was collected in taxes by the Treasury. This is more than even the minimum wage.

These figures, calculated by the Daily Telegraph, are over £1 up on figures from five years ago and illustrate the huge tax burden placed upon Britain’s families.

Overall, figures from HM Revenue and Customs’ recently published annual report, put the Government’s total tax take at a whopping £423billion, £25billion up on the previous financial year.

Not surprisingly, campaigners such as Corin Tayor of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, are disappointed. Says he: “Gordon Brown has stealthily increased taxes faster than earnings and these new figures are another shocking indictment of just how over-taxed people are. The Chancellor needs to wake up and give families relief from the record tax bills they are facing.”

Shadow chancellor George Osborne is also less than happy. Says he: “This tax-per-hour figure brings home just how much people are paying Gordon Brown in taxes. No wonder we’ve got the highest tax burden in our history. The real tragedy is that so much money is then wasted.”

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