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Payday Bonanza: The Price Of Love

by | 29th, May 2007

donald-trump-hair.jpgYOU may be, like me, devastatingly handsome and uproariously witty, but if you don’t have the cash/money/wonga/benjamins, then you are destined to struggle in the game of love. Or so say the world-renowned sages of, erm, Five TV.

According to a new poll by the makers of Trust Me, I’m A Holiday Rep, Colin & Justin’s Wedding Belles and All New Cosmetic Surgery (Live!), two in three people would rather their other half earned an extra £10,000 than be better-looking, cleverer or funnier.

The survey also discovered that 77 per cent of people associated a Surrey accent with wealth while just one per cent linked a Scouse accent to big money.

Alex Menzies of Five says: “Wealth is now the biggest motivator for love, but it’s tricky to know who’s got a big piggy bank or an empty wallet.” How insightful.

The survey was carried out for Five’s new game show (another one?) Payday Bonanza, which is to be hosted by the interminably smug Colin Murray. In the show, contestants can win each other‘s annual salaries. I bet it’ll be ‘full of tension‘. I can’t wait.

Michael Jackson was paid £5million just to turn up at a birthday bash for the Sultan of Brunei’s son. Nice work if you can get it.

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