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Labour Charge Members To Watch Hain, Blears And Benn

by | 29th, May 2007

the-labour-bunch.jpgTIMES are hard for New Labour, £20 million in debt and unable to rake in a few million by simply lobbing a peerage in the general direction of the rich.

Those carefree, halcyon days are gone for good. Or at least until the whole cash-for-peerages palaver dies down. Still, there is always the party faithful to turn to for a few quid.

Ahead of the official deputy leadership hustings, Labour are demanding £10 a show from its members for the pleasure (or pain) of watching the likes of Peter Hain, Hazel Blears and Hilary Benn strut their mediocre stuff.

Unsurprisingly, Labour members, whose numbers have halved to 200,000 since 1997, are rather irked.

One unnamed Labour card-carrier is less-than-impressed, saying, “They say it is voluntary – but they go on to say the minimum to watch the show is 10 quid. You don’t get much of an option.”

The £10 show will also include a turn by Gord Brown himself, maybe doing a bit of juggling or a breakdancing routine. Or even some magic where he makes his initial fervent support for the Iraq war disappear.

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