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No Change For Lottery Winner David Ashcroft

by | 29th, May 2007

sorry_3.jpgMANY a lottery winner has claimed that their new found wealth won’t change them. They then set off on a maelstrom of lavish spending, drug abuse and eventual bankruptcy and depression. And it serves them bloody right.

But in the case of mild-mannered David Ashcroft, a £12.3million National Lottery winner back in 1997, very little does seem to have changed.

Now aged 40, he still lives in the same modest house in Liverpool with his, er, parents. But let us not judge him harshly.

In continuing to work as a furniture restorer and limiting his big spending to a new van, double-glazing for the family home and a caravan in north Wales, Ashcroft is, as the young whippersnappers of today say, ‘keeping it real’.

He has, however, been generous with his cash, splashing out on flash cars for his siblings, including a £60,000 Ferrari.

While Ashcroft himself hasn’t spoken publicly since his win, the Daily Mail did manage to collar a neighbour who reveals: “No one can quite fathom it. He’s got money to burn and yet he seems to spend next to nothing on himself. Some people say he is afraid of what it would do to him if he ever started spending it. He is afraid of what he might become.”

As for love? Well, at the time of his big win, Ashcroft said: “Any girlfriends from the past will probably come from my days in kindergarten” (which taken the wrong way could be deeply worrying).

Ashcroft has not found love. The multi-millionaire is single and on the look-out for Miss Right.

But Ashcroft is surely learning a valuable lesson in affairs of the heart – no matter how much money you have, living with your parents at the age of 40 is going to turn off pretty much every woman on the planet. And if you doubt me, ask my mum…

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