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£100,000 Set Aside For Bank Charge War

by | 29th, May 2007

DESPITE the surprise decision by a judge in Birmingham to dismiss a claim for £2,545 by Lloyds TSB customer Kevin Berwick, the nationwide campaign to challenge illegal bank charges continues to grow.

Leader of the campaign,’s Martin Lewis, has organised a so-called “fighting fund” along with the Consumer Action Group which will be used to help people fight the dodgy charges.

Currently standing at £100,000, the war chest consists of money raised by campaign groups as well as donations from private individuals.

Lewis, who also appears regularly on the BBC, urges people not to be put off by the recent court decision in Birmingham.

Says he: “It is almost laughable. In football parlance the banks are crowing about the fact that they are now only losing 100,000 to one and not 100,000 to nil. This is a desperate attempt to scare people away and it is important we do not allow their spin and spiel to put people off.”

Fight the power. Etc.

Most Britons would need a windfall of at least £100,000 to change their lives, according to a new survey.

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