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Semen: The Anti-Depressant

by | 29th, May 2007

PSYCHOLOGY Today (“here to help”) tells us:

The finding that women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed and less likely to attempt suicide than are women who have sex with condoms and women who are not sexually active, leads one researcher to conclude that semen contains powerful—and potentially addictive—mood-altering chemicals…

Gallup’s study, which he deems “the first serious attempt to investigate the effect of semen chemistry on women,” titillated the public and rankled some academics upon publication in Archives of Sexual Behavior. Gallup says he has since replicated the findings with a sample of 700 women and will examine whether “semen withdrawal” places women at an increased risk for depression when they are premenstrual, menopausal or have just given birth, as many women abstain from sex during these periods.

Will you be able to get sex on prescription?

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