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Civil Disservice: Whitehall’s £45million Invisible Jobs

by | 30th, May 2007

john-prescott-shag.jpgIN a feat of illusion that even Derren Brown would be proud of, an estimated 634 Whitehall staff have been made invisible. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Well, that’s one explanation for the official figures released last night which show that taxpayers are forking out £45million a year for civil servants who have no job.

Details of the fiasco were only revealed by Ministers in a series of parliamentary written answers to Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary Oliver Heald, with those 634 staff currently classed as either “between posts” or “without a post”.

Apparently, instead of simply laying off the excess staff, civil servants details are sent to a central ‘Priority Talent Pool’ which tries to find them more work in Whitehall.

A bemused Mr Heald says: “Gordon Brown’s claims to have cut back the number of unnecessary civil servants have been shown to be a sham. Vast sums of taxpayers’ money are being wasted by the Labour Government employing bureaucrats who literally have nothing to do.”

Alistair Darling’s Department of Trade and Industry boasts the largest number of layabouts, with 73 currently spending their days watching Neighbours and messing about on MySpace.

Public servant John Prescott, on the other hand, is in the unique position of actually having a job which allows him to do nothing.

The National Audit Office are set to investigate the incredible £500million underspend by the NHS.

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