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This Is A ‘Parentally Aware Neighbourhood’ For Madeleine McCann

by | 30th, May 2007

paedophile.gif“PARENTS start paedophile patrols near schools and playgrounds.”

The parents in the “Parentally Aware Neighbourhood” in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth – a parish known locally as Bos Vegas on account of its sex shop and amusement arcade – are on to you.

As the Mail reports, 25 volunteers have signed up to patrol school routes and playgrounds on the look out for “potential offenders”.

Of course, that means everybody. We are all of us potential offenders. You can never be too careful. Peados are hard to spot. Sure, most have dirty overcoats, bags of sweets and cheeky smiles but many look just well, like everyone else. Some work in schools. Others are opportunistic criminals. Some even look like mum and dad.

Parentally Aware Neighbourhood

But while we wonder how long it will be before someone on a Parentally Aware Neighbourhood watch scheme turns out to be a paedophile staying one step ahead of the game, the locals are on the march, in bright yellow overalls. (So much for a yellow ribbon.)

Under the banner “paedophiles are not welcome” PAN founder Heidi Romero says: “The message to anyone interested in abusing children is: We’re here and we’re watching you – so stay away.”


“With all the signs up, paedophiles are going to think twice about approaching the children in this area.”

For sure. Forget that hysteria over sex offenders on every street corner, the people of the PAN are taking direct action.

These children have no need to fear of sex attackers, monsters who will snatch them and subject them to abuse. The crime of paedophilia is hideous. But these children of PAN have no worries. These children know all about paedophiles and what they can do. Their parents know how to spot one.

Madeleine McCann

This is a breakthrough. And the police are rightly happy. “We are definitely backing the scheme. And think it is good idea,” says constable Peter Taylor, a beat officer in the PAN manor.

He goes on: “Heidi and other parents decided to set up the group in light of what happened to Madeleine McCann in Portugal.”


So what did happen to Madeleine McCann in Portugal, PC Taylor? This is the officer’s big break. He’s cracked the case. And he did it while staying out in the UK. What’s his secret? Good old fashioned police sense, we’d wager. He can smell a wrong ‘un.

The Mail seems to support the move, too. As it says: “Mrs Romero’s efforts were also spurred by a report of an abduction attempt which turned out to be a false alarm.”

Did you get that? PAN was created in light of what might have happened to one child in Portugal and what didn’t happened to any child on Boscombe.

There Be Crocodiles

It brings to mind that old joke about the crocodile repellent kit for sale in Leicester. The man selling the concoction is approached by a shopper. “Does that stuff work?” he asks. “Yes,” says the seller. “Have you seen any crocodiles?”

The man thinks. And eyes the seller suspiciously…

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