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Sam And Amanda Marchant

by | 31st, May 2007

Name: SAM AND AMANDA (Twins)
Age: 18
From: Newcastle
Occupation: Students
Status: Both single

“If there’s only one fit boy in the house we’ll share him, definitely! He’ll never know the difference!”

Big Brother career: I cannot understand a word they say

Future: PornPorn. Strippers. Screaming victim in the cellar.

These inseparable, bubbly, chatty twin blondes describe themselves as “Twincredible”. Always giggling and finishing each other’s sentences, they even have their own “Twin Song” they sing to introduce themselves to boys.
Sam and Amanda both study Social Work at Manchester Metropolitan University. They often get called “The Terrible Twins” in their university halls because of the noise they make, and their rooms are inspired by “Barbie” – all pink and fluffy.

The girls – whose mum is a Big Brother addict – are never separated and always talk about themselves as “us” and “we”, never in the singular. They both work as promotions girls at a nightclub and believe that women should never have to pay for drinks.

The twins “find politics confusing and wouldn’t know who to vote for”. Before the Big Brother audition process, they had never been abroad, but would love to go to New York “because there are so many shops”.


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