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Big Brother’s Laura Williams

by | 31st, May 2007

Age: 23
From: South Wales
Occupation: Nanny
Status: Single

“I talk too fast, I talk too much … I’ve always got something to say”

Big Brother Career: Hanging basket.

Walk on part in Little Britian.

Celebrity cemetery – Laura’s guide to tombstone sex 

Laura is currently a nanny, but her dream in life is to become an embalmer as she believes strongly that when you’re dead you should still look good. She also volunteers at a local cemetery clearing leaves, and her ambition is to one day own her own funeral home.

She is staunchly anti-smoking as she hates the smell, and the whole idea of passive smoking. She’s also not a great fan of alcohol and can get drunk on just one pint. People tell Laura she reminds them of Little Britain character Vicky Pollard, and she’s also told that she looks like comic Peter Kay.

Laura admits her nickname is “Wangers” because of her large breasts and is a fan of Bon Jovi, Roxette and Lionel Ritchie. She says the proudest moment of her life was when she was voted Student of the Year at age 16.

Laura describes herself as “happy, happy, happy” and says she’s “friendly, happy, too chatty and nice”. Laura says that looking good is important to her and she “never leaves the house without washing her hair or putting fake tan on.”

She thinks she’d make a brilliant housemate and that being in the house would help her learn to deal with others. She thinks she’ll be one of the top 10 housemates ever.

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