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Big Brother’s Nicky Maxwell

by | 31st, May 2007

Age: 27
From: Watford
Occupation: Accounts Executive in a bank
Status: Single

“People seem confused about my identity – I’m not confused. It would be nice to explain to everyone, once and for all, what I’m about.”

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Nicky was born in Mumbai and adopted from Mother Teresa’s orphanage in India when she was one. Her adoptive parents are Irish and Anglo-Indian. She has been in her job for nine years – arranging company cars in a retail, business and corporate bank. She studied floristry for two years and is currently learning Spanish.

Nicky describes herself as “crazy, sexy, cool, unique, creative and spontaneous”. She likes to shake up people’s expectations. “I’m Catholic and not Muslim or Hindu, I go out and drink and smoke and party hard.” Love, she thinks, is “for losers”. She hates men – “nasty little creatures – I can’t tolerate them at the moment”, although admits she’d love to pull Calum Best.

Nicky recently dropped four dress sizes and abseiled down her local shopping centre for charity. Her party trick is a rendition of The Cheeky Girls and she is addicted to electro music and hot sauces. “Spongers, scroungers and nose-picking” are Nicky’s pet hates, and in the house she predicts she’ll be irritated by selfishness and unwillingness to help out or take part.

“I’m not someone to be ignored. I will get my point across,” Nicky declares. “I have lots of leadership skills. If people carry on ignoring me, I’ll release my inner bitch.” She predicts she may get nominated by others because of jealousy, for being too straight-talking or for her penchant for extreme cleaning.

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