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Big Brother 8: The Hens Await Their Stripper

by | 31st, May 2007

twincredible.jpgBIG Brother 8 has begun. It’s an all women affair, the show’s producers contriving to replicate a Hen Night at a seaside boarding house in leafy Elstree.

It won’t be too long before the ‘L’ plate is out, Greenham Common protestor emeritus Carole is dancing around with an inflatable Cruise missile tethered to her throat, born-to-lapdance Charley is wrapped around a telegraph pole with Tracey sniffing at her PVC chaps.

And here come the Sun to focus its front page on “BEAUTIES AND THE BEASTS.”

Which is which is unclear.

The Sun employs a colour-code system, printing half the housemates’ names in pink, the other half in blue.

Amanda & Sam – both Pinky and Perky – are in pink. So is Emily, who gives herself a score of 10 out of 10 for intelligence. So is Shabnam, Anorak’s early favourite. But then so is Laura and so is Lesley. Are they the beauties? And if so, are Charley and ‘Cheesy Quaver’ Tracey beasts?

Already the show is in maelstrom of debate. And before the male stripper arrives on Friday, the Sun focuses on the “sexy wannabes” in the all-girl house.

There’s Chanelle Hayes, who models herself on Victoria Beckham and has had sex upstairs on a bus. Whether or not Chanelle would have behaved in such a fashion without the Posh influence is uncertain.

And then there are Amanda and Sam, what tabloid writers will surely name the ‘Twincredibles’. Aged 18, Pinky & Perky like to go out of an evening dressed in skimpy Santa outfits and as Bunny Girls. Life for P&P is one long Hen Night. They should never tire of screeching, saying how “brill-i-ant!” everything is and drinking day-glo drinks. Slim odds on them achieving the dream and turning hobby into livelihood?

And Lesley Brain will take it all in. The Brain, 60, has written erotic fiction for Black Lace books. These are the tomes you see at airports and railway station shops, the covers illustrated by a woman in suspenders.

Look out for The Brain’s write-‘n’-tell confessions in the serialised “GIRLS NIGHT IN”: raunchy tales of life in a shared house. In hard cover…

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