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What’s A Speeding Ban Between Friends and Family?

by | 31st, May 2007

WHAT are deceitful bunch we are. What must the powers that are be thinking? Actually they’re probably delighted that we’re following their lead.

Anyway, according to Churchill Insurance, up to 500,000 speeding motorists are swapping their three-point penalties with friends and family in order to avoid a ban.

With 12 points earning you an automatic disqualification from driving, motorists on nine points are increasingly getting their nearest and dearest to take the heat in order to avoid losing their licences and according to the survey, 29 per cent of drivers see nothing wrong with deceiving the system.

But with speed camera technology improving, it is proving harder to fool the system.

A Churchill spokesman warns us: “Trying to escape convictions by swapping points with another person is highly illegal and can lead to prosecution. The way to avoid a speeding ban in the first place is simple – drive responsibly.”

Or join the police force

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