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Sterilising Russians

by | 31st, May 2007

RUSSIANS are worried about this:

Russia has banned the export of medical specimens after the country’s spy agency allegedly uncovered a Western plot to manufacture a biological weapon that would make Russians sterile.

In a decree that appeared to reflect the Russian state’s growing suspicion of all things Western, the Federal Customs Service forbade the shipment of all human blood, hair, DNA and bone marrow out of the country.

While officials gave no formal explanation for the ban, Russia’s most respected broadsheet suggested that the customs service had been ordered to act after the Federal Security Service, the KGB’s successor, handed an alarming report to President Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

Quoting unidentified sources, Kommersant said that foreign health institutions were using human specimens to create a “genetically engineered biological weapon” capable of rendering the Russian population sterile or even of killing it off altogether.

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