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A Paedophile Amnesty

by | 1st, June 2007

WHEN Madeleine McCann disappeared the papers instantly spoke of paedophilia. They went into a frenzy.

But there has been no meaningful debate on this heinous crime. Just finger-pointing and talk of “every parent’s worst nightmare” – a nightmare evoked and highlighted by the tabloid press.

What to do? March through the streets looking for paedos?

An amnesty, allowing anyone with child porn to tell the authorities how they came by it so as to catch the profiteers and makers of such stuff? Or:

Paedophiles should be encouraged to seek treatment in the community rather than be threatened with jail terms, according to the police child protection chief.

Jim Gamble of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), told the BBC he believed some sex offenders, such as those found with child pornography, should not necessarily be sent to jail.

Mr Gamble said answers needed to be found outside the criminal justice system and that some offenders should receive a police caution, then be managed within the community…

He told the broadcaster: “We shouldn’t be sending everyone that ever commits an offence – particularly of the viewing kind – to prison.

Something needs to be done to tackle the crime…

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