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Air In A G-String: Big Brother Chanelle Hayes On The Fiddle

by | 1st, June 2007

chanelle-hayes.jpg“BIG BROTHER: The house of sin,” announces the Sun. These are the “BB BABE’S SHOCKING SECRETS”.

And – shock of shocks – it turns out that Chanelle, Charley and Emily all have secrets to shock and then shock some more.

Emily Parr is a young Conservative. In her formative years she wrote the ‘Blue Book’, a manifesto for the Tory Party in the 21st Century and beyond. Emily hopes to use Big Brother as a springboard to her ‘new way’.

Charley Ichea can play the spoons. And not just any spoons but big spoons, serving spoons and ever slatted spoons. Citing her hero as Clive Dunn, Charley says her dream is to win Big Brother and “Spoon For Peace” at the Princess Diana Memorial Concert.

Chanelle Hayes’ secret is that when she was aged eight everyone called her Nik. But then for some mad reason they started calling her Nikki. But never Nicola.

Of course these secrets have yet to rise to the surface. And the Sun has to make do with:

Emily: “Posh totty Emily Parr, 19, stripped off and snorted coke for a lesbian sex session with a pal!”

Charley: went to her a party where her top fell off!

Chanelle: The Victoria Beckham lookalike “had sex on a bus and spices up her love life by playing the violin”. Air on a G-string – in an actual G-string. What an act.

More shock to follow…

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