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Chanelle’s Big Brother Monkey

by | 1st, June 2007

THE Big Brother podcast is being embraced.

Carole, the out of work sexual health worker, is talking to Chanelle, Victoria Beckham’s solitary fan.

Carole wants to know what Chanelle’s secret talent is?

Chanelle: What My secret talent is, ooh, well I can make a face like a monkey and that’s probably it.”

Over to you Posh…

Carole: Who is your idol?

Chanelle: Victoria Beckham. She wears the most gorgeousest clothes and when I met her she was really kind and nice.

Carole: Who would play you in a film of your life?

Chanelle: Julia Robets, or Courtney Cox Arquette, or if Victoria Beckham decided to take up acting, then Victoria Beckham.

If? What about Spice World? Some fan…

Carole: If you were a sexually transmitted disease, which one would you be…

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