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Ginger Ail: Redhead Chapmans Forced To Leave Home

by | 2nd, June 2007


Welcome to Anorak’s ginger focus group. Kevin and Barbara Chapman and their four children are stood at the centre of the circle of trust telling us how they are gingers and how so being has affected their lives.

Dad Kevin tells us: “Families seem to recognise us. Wherever we move, there will be a relation in that estate who knows who we are and then it all starts again. Eggs are thrown at us and the kids get beaten up.”

Barbara adds: “Wherever the kids go they get called ‘ginger nut’ or ‘ginger b*****d’.”
Kevin senior goes on: “It started more than three years ago, when the kids started getting bullied by lads over the colour of their hair. Since then they’ve been punched and kicked and thrown over a hedge.

“Every time they go out these gangs have got to them. The abuse we endure is disgusting. I mean, if you have ginger hair you expect people to have a bit of fun – but this is just unbelievable. I brought the kids up to be proud. There’s nothing wrong with the way they look.”

Indeed not. Gingers should be proud and walk tall. We recall notable gingers thought ages: Erasure’s Andy Bell, T-Pau’s Carol Decker, Mick Hucknall, 80s warbler Sonia, Chris Evans and Pricne Harry, leader of the ‘Ronald McDonald Army’ in Iraq.

The family talk of their windows being out in, the children’s difficulty in making friends, the “Gingers are gay” graffiti and depression.

Newcastle City Council is “discussing the situation”. Kevin has discussed changing the children’s hair colour with one of the officers. A spokesman says: “He suggested he was going to dye his hair.”

That it should some to this! For shame…

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