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Arse About Face: Big Brother Amanda and Sam Marchant’s Foursome

by | 3rd, June 2007

sam-marchant-bikini.jpgBIG Brother’s Pinky & Perky, Amanda and Sam Marchant, are the subject of much polemic in the News of the World.We join the action after “a night of booze”. Lee Cowan is in bed with Amanda (Pinky & Perky)” at the home of the girls’ mum Janet. Unbeknownst to the lads the girls have swapped beds to see if their lovers notice any difference between them.

“It’s every man’s fantasy to be with a girl and her identical twin sister,” says Lee, an incest enthusiast. “Well, my mate Rich Minor and I lived it for real. These girls love sex. Sam and Amanda may dress up as angels for a laugh, but let me tell you, those girls are no angels.”

Girls who love sex? What perversion is this? But Lee is adamant that these teenage blondes actually enjoy sex. And they might even have enjoyed it with Lee.

Arse and Elbow

He goes on: “The girl I thought to be AMANDA was already in bed so I stripped off and climbed in beside her.

“At first she lay still. So I started by stroking her back then started sliding my hands over her body—I certainly through I recognised all the curves.”

Lee is an experienced groper. He recognises all the curves, spotting the difference between an arse and an elbow. Not wishing to delay the action, we return to Lee’s stroke-‘n’-tell…

Lee: “By now my hands were all over her and things were starting to get really steamy—and she was responding, moaning and groaning.”

Saying things like: “That’s my elbow, Lee”, “Have we don’t it yet?” and “What’s it with you an elbows?”

Lee continues: “By now I was getting really turned on and started to take things further, we were getting to boiling point…and that’s when I got an elbow in the face!”

Well, whatever turns you on, Lee…

“She screamed, ‘I’m SAM!’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Back to groping class for Lee. It seems that not all curves are the same after all.

Spot The Differences

“It was wild,” says Lee, who spots Ryan emerging from Amanda’s bedroom. “We ran out into the landing, stunned. The girls are so similar it’s impossible to tell the difference.”

But there must be something they do to set them apart, Lee? “They say they want a man sandwich, but the only sandwich I saw them make was a ‘Sammy’s Special Sandwich’ which she’d make thinking it was an amazing creation. It was bread with cheese and lettuce!”

That’s Sammy who is “definitely the more aggressive and moody”. Says Lee: “I think Sam will be the flirty one. She always gave the impression that all it would take to pull her would be to buy her a drink and a kebab. Amanda was the bigger challenge.”
Two drinks and a kebab?

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