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Al Gore Spins On The Top Of The World

by | 3rd, June 2007

AL GORE, the man who managed to lose to George Bush, undone by perforated paper, will save us all. But will he be the leader of the Free World? Will he stand for the US Presidency?

“Again, I haven’t ruled out for all time thinking about politics again. It’s just that the way it works now, I don’t think that the skills I have are the ones that are most likely to be rewarded within this system. It’s like a washing machine that is permanently set on the spin cycle. It doesn’t stop spinning. That creates real problems for a politics based on reason.”

Is Al Gore based on reason? Or is he all spin?

Al Gore is grateful to those who have a good opinion of him, but you… you don’t seem ready for reason, you know, reason, that process that yields a good opinion of Al Gore.

And doesn’t the world spin all the time? So some spinning is good, right?

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