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Big Brother: Danielle Lloyd And Charley At War

by | 4th, June 2007


The shock over why the Star should scream “FIGHT” where surely “BOUT” should sit pales when we see the pictures of Charley Itchea and Danielle Lloyd.

News is that Danielle is “at war” with “Big Bro bitch Charley”. Danielle has recently had her front reequipped with more impressive warheads. And Dani is wearing tight shorts not seen since the ravages of war forced the Hitler Youth to ration leather.

But before the two can rip into each other, we need to know why they are fighting.

Thankfully, the Star is happy to illuminate. Looking past Dani and Charley’s weapons of mass distraction, we read of “Dani’s bust-up with BB Charley”.

It seems that both women share “a love of footballers”. Not their money. Not their fame. Just the footballers.

And we are back in London’s Paper club. A tune had come on the stereo and Dani has jumped onto a table to dance. Charley follows suit. And like a pair of vibrating salt and pepper grinders Dani and Charley gyrate.

Dani topples to the floor. There is blood on her leg. Charley is amused. And now it is war.

And the battle should begin when Charley is booted from the house any moment soon.

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