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Carole Caplin Returns to Blairs’ Seat

by | 4th, June 2007

blairs.jpgCAROLE Caplin is on her way back to No. 10.

So says the Mail’s front page, which has a picture of Cherie Blair’s guru, the palms of her hands pressed together. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

With Gordon Brown to take up residency of the Prime Minister’s home office in a few weeks, thoughts turn to Carole channelling his charkas and picking out his underwear. And then there are those toxin-busting naked showers with Gordon’s wife Sarah.

But minds are turned away from images of Gordon Brown in a pair of Union Jack shorts, and former topless mo-del Carole brandishing a soap on a rope, and on to Cherie’s leaving do.

Now Cherie is to step down from her job as self-styled First Lady, she is to have a soiree. And Carole has been invited.

Back in September 2003, the Mail says Carole was told that her presence was no longer wanted in Downing Street.

Cherie felt ready and able to apply her own lipstick, Tony would make do with what pants he had and Euan Blair’s Bristol property portfolio would remain becalmed.

(The Cherie-Carole meeting, as written in Marie Claire magazine, told us:
“1.40pm, the Blairs’ bed . . . Cherie goes quiet for a moment because Carole is back, looming over her on the bed, touching up her lipstick.
“1.58pm . . . Carole is still touching up her friend Cherie’s lipstick.”

But Tony continued to speak to Carole once a week on the phone. And though Carole was unable to appear in person at Chez Blair it is thought her advice helped. Who else would Tony have negotiated the thorny issue of when, if ever, it is right to tuck his shirt into his Y-fronts?

But now the Blairs’ personal trainer, stylist, dietician, confidante, make-up artiste and, let us not forget, dear, dear friend is making her way back to the inner circle.

Let the party begin. Pass the soap stones…

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